GALBAIAN ha vuelto a ser incluida en la lista de agencias de patentes recomendadas de la guía IAM. GALBAIAN sigue siendo la única agencia de patentes con sede central en Euskadi que aparece en esta guía.

Por otra parte, Ismael Igartua vuelve a estar altamente recomendado. De entre todos los agentes de patentes que ejercen en España, sólo seis han sido calificados como altamente recomendados.

La guía dice lo siguiente sobre GALBAIAN y sobre Ismael Igartua:

Basque IP co-operative GALBAIAN has a unique background, having started out life as an in-house department of the Fagor Group. The firm still maintains close connections to the group and its parent company, Mondragon Corporation – managing its patent filings and supplying it with business-focused advice. With particular prowess in electromechanics and telecoms, GALBAIAN attracts clients looking for impeccable drafting and targeted counsel. The team is led by prosecution and strategic counselling wizard Ismael Igartua, who attracts widespread acclaim from mechanical clients. As one loyal patron explains: “Ismael and his team have always shown a genuine interest in the technical aspects and the context of our projects, providing the best advice on how to protect our IP assets. He has a deep understanding of industry, technology and the business needs of his clients. With his outstanding technical expertise, he is able to service the needs of both technology-based industries and the academic world.” Another expounds: “The human treatment you receive from Ismael and his team means that the company he leads is considered by his users as a partner and not a service company.”

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