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GALBAIAN ha vuelto a ser incluida en la lista de agencias de patentes recomendadas de la guía IAM. GALBAIAN sigue siendo la única agencia de patentes con sede central en Euskadi que aparece en esta guía.

Por otra parte, Ismael Igartua, que ya figuraba como agente de patentes recomendado en ediciones anteriores, pasa a ser altamente recomendado. De entre todos los agentes de patentes que ejercen en España, sólo cuatro han sido calificados como altamente recomendados.

La guía dice lo siguiente sobre GALBAIAN y sobre Ismael Igartua:

Lively boutique GALBAIAN has “a very skilful team that understands high-level engineering issues and solves problems swiftly and successfully. It makes things easy with clear reflection, robust drafting and a flexible, proactive approach. The proposals it brings are often ones that you wouldn’t have thought of. You really feel like you have a close partner when working with the team”.
A recent beneficiary of this personalised service is the Basque Innovation Agency, for which the firm drafted an IP framework agreement to promote cooperation with the region’s companies, research institutes and universities. This bore the fingerprints of Ismael Igartua, a “real leader and an extremely reliable professional who has a mastery of technical and procedural patent issues. He is skilled both in the arts and in the sciences, which makes him very special. Plus he has the ability to simply explain complex patent issues to those unfamiliar with the IP world. He is one of the best patent attorneys around”.

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