GALBAIAN has been listed once again as recommended patent firm in the IAM guide. GALBAIAN is the only patent firm headquartered in the Basque Country that is included in this guide.

On the other hand, Ismael Igartua has been listed again as highly recommended. Only five patent attorneys have been considered highly recommended in Spain.

This is what the guide says about GALBAIAN and Ismael Igartua:

GALBAIAN has an instinctual feel for the business concerns of its clients and excels at aligning its patent advice accordingly; it also knows all the ingredients that go into excellent customer service. All this is because it was formed by individuals who previously worked in-house together. Traditionally tasked mainly with prosecution duties, it is increasingly called on to form the patent strategies that guide clients and is thriving in this higher-level counselling role. Running the show is Ismael Igartua, “a truly reliable partner whose availability, quick response and professionalism are remarkable”. “Going beyond just writing patents, he helps clients create a stronger IP culture. He provides an excellent service in terms of the identification of IP protection solutions and competitive intelligence analyses and adds value by offering IP training to company staff. Thanks to his excellent network, he can also connect you with the right people so you can protect your products and advance your strategy internationally. He has built a young and highly competitive team around him.”


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